• Daniel M skrev om :
    Tack vare denna skola kunde jag ta mitt körkort på 20 lektioner med hjälp av Nassir och Amir.
  • Theodor C skrev om :
    Toppen skola och grym personal.
  • Robin A skrev om :
    As an English speaker who moved to Sweden and needed to get a Swedish driving licence, this school was very helpful. Everyone speaks good English and is friendly. They got me through the two Risk courses and the two tests. However, they can be disorganised. For example, I called to book my test, and was told to come in person. I came to the office - which was quite a long way for me to come - and was told I could book after my lesson in two weeks. By then, there were no slots left.
  • Jun Z skrev om :
    Very good and professional teacher Nasir. They helped me a lot and finally I passed my driving test and got my driving license. Really recommend this school!
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