• Xiping H skrev om :
    totally recommended! I had a driving school 3 years ago in the center of the city, due to its aost impossible to book training there so I didn't continue there anymore. Compared with that school I will say that Moderna is so much cheaper in price but incredibly better in training quality and service! I totally recommended. Nassir is my driving teacher, he is awesome! I have had driving license in my home country but since I heard there's so many tears during the journey of taking driving license I decided I will manage theory and everything myself and only buy 10 lessons from the school. Now looking back that 10 lessons are definitely needed. (I also have private lessons). I failed the first practical test but was able to pass the second one in 3 days, extremely lucky! It took me totally 16 days to start the training to get the licence, it's fast due to I have had driving experience. But Nassir's solid training is the key to my success here. Nassir is so good at explaining what shall I do in different situations and why, and also what I needs to pay attention extra during the test. He is always patient and calm, encouraging and flexible. The driving school is so close to the Trafikverket, so we practised in the area all the time where the real test is going to taken place. That helps a lot! In the end I have to say, during all this days, from consult to decide to buy lessons here, till I take the exams, all the staff in the school have provided me extremely pleasent experience.
  • RAPHAÉL K skrev om :
    Riktigt bra trafikskola där jag har lärt mig otroligt mycket. Rekommenderas starkt! Raphaél
  • Hongli W skrev om :
    Fick mitt körkort på första försöket den 17/9. Starkt rekommendera moderna trafikskola till er som vill ta körkort. Tack för alla hjälp. 🤗🙂
  • GUILLERMO G skrev om :
    Very professional, and good courses. They help you and give good recommendations of how to drive. They tell you when you are ready to take the test
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